Mindful Wellness Program: Workshops and Trainings

Troy Nickell, LMFT

Mindfulness Coaching

Mindful Life Coaching:                                                                                                                                                                               Develop skills and techniques to to reduce stress and anxiety and manage all the obstacles that life throws at you with grace and ease.  Mindfulness techniques are taught in an experiential way to help you solidify your understanding and be more capable of implementation in real life situations.  You will develop greater insight and awareness into yourself and and greater perspective of the life, relationships, and situations.  Deeper meditation techniques will also be offered as a compliment to the mindfulness techniques to help strengthen your skills.  These sessions can be Web-based, over-the-phone, or face to face in my office in Solana Beach, CA.  Sessions are $140 and discounts for multi-session commitment are available.

Mindful Business Coaching:                                                                                                                                                                        Break though to the next level in you business or career ventures.  Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to build an empire or corporate executive looking to climb the ladder, these skills will show you a clearer and more easily attainable path.  Open yourself up to all of what you are capable of.  No longer let fear of failure hold you back from reaching your highest potential.  Balance all of what comes to you without feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or frustrated.  The same skills are learned as with the life coaching, but with an emphasis on business and career.  These sessions are also Web-based, over-the-phone, or face to face.

The Mindful Wellness Program – for Corporations and Organizations:                                                                                  Mindfulness skills have been seen to reduce stress and anxiety which may, in turn, improve employee productivity, reduce sick time, and decrease corporate expenditures.  All of this will therefore increase overall profitability for your organization.

Working with your business or organization, I will facilitate a Mindful Wellness workshop to help educate your staff on stress-relieving techniques.  I provide brief 1 hour presentations, which can be offered once or on a quarterly basis.  I also have longer, 2 hour presentations, which go deeper into mindfulness and meditation practices.  In the event you are looking for ongoing support to transform your workforce, I also provide a subscription service to which your staff can have access to coaching sessions throughout the year to refresh skill knowledge or support through a stressful time.

Please call or email to inquire about programs businesses, which can be designed to meet the needs of each organization.

If a one-time workshop is what you are looking for, my standard rate for groups of up to 10 individuals is $350, with additional fees based on attendance thereafter.  Reduced rates are available for some nonprofit organizations.

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Mindfulness Techniques are shown to:
  • reduce anxiety, stress, and worry
  • improve focus and cognitive flexibility
  • increase job performance and productivity
  • improve relationship satisfaction
  • quiet incessant, troublesome thoughts
  • boost working memory
  • improve mood
  • increase energy
  • help manage pain

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