Counseling Services include:

  • Mindfulness Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • EMDR Trauma Treatment
  • Individual or couples sessions
  • Manage life stress, relationships concerns, and emotional struggles

Mindfulness Techniques are shown to:

  • reduce anxiety, stress, and worry
  • improve focus and cognitive flexibility
  • increase job performance and productivity
  • improve relationship satisfaction
  • quiet incessant, troublesome thoughts
  • boost working memory
  • improve mood
  • increase energy
  • help manage pain

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Counseling Services and Corporate Wellness Training in the Del Mar and Solana Beach area

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Troy Nickell is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and mindfulness trainer who works with individuals, couples, and large groups to help mindfully overcome stressful life situations, with office located in Solana Beach, Ca.  Troy works with large groups throughout the greater San Diego area.

In his therapy sessions, Troy uses an Integrative approach with an emphasis in Mindfulness-Based, Cognitive-Behavioral, EMDR, and Psychodynamic techniques.  He currently works with a broad spectrum of clients in his private practice. Among his areas of expertise are the treatment of anxieties (including trauma), stress reduction, addictions, self empowerment and self actualization, relationship and employment struggles, grief and loss, as well as spiritual dilemmas.

As a Mindful Trainer, Troy utilizes mindfulness techniques to help large groups as well as individuals overcome stress.  Troy provides these services in a variety of settings, including working with small, medium, and large size businesses to provide employees the tools to function at a higher level, as well as working with community organizations and private coaching for individuals to overcome stress.